Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bailey's voice

people tell me often that i need to bottle bailey's voice up.
that it's precious and i'll miss it one day.
most days i am not sure i agree...as cute as it is, it's also NON-STOP and kind of maddening by, um, 9:30 am?

BUT...i'm trusting you all and took a video today of her explaining what they do when they get to school.

and, i admit, her voice IS cute :-)


Alden and Dorian said...

What is amazing is how she has the routine down PERFECTLY! Wow, impressive that she can repeat that! LOVED it...and yes, her voice is precious. :)

Kim said...

she is so sweet and did so well. like mom said i love she voice and like to here her talk...

Amy said...

Loved hearing her voice, and yours! I think my favorite part was "get your little monkey and put it in the pocket." :)

Christy said...

OH MAN that was adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agreeing with amy and the monkey in the pocket---seriously????!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!