Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i think i failed to mention that i quit candy cold turkey today.
yes i did.
{i know, i know...i'm insane...}
WHILE i stared at a bowl of gummy bears (my favorite! and sawyer's!) in the bathroom all day (sawyer's treat if he went potty.)

well, neither one of us ate one of those gummy bears!
i guess we're both stubborn :-)

my "reward" for not eating any candy was a skinny cow ice cream sandwich.
but that ended up being my dinner (what with all the soccer practices and baths and all...)
so can i count another ice cream sandwich as dessert??


Holly said...

I'm not sure what the question is here - it's obvious to me!


Jenny said...

haha! too funny! OF course have a dessert, girl! ;)

Tammy said...

you are amazing...as if you need to lose any weight. i hope you ate 3 sandwiches.

Katy said...

i LOVE those skinny cows. LOVE them. can't believe that's all you ate for dinner. you're luney. and i can't believe you gave up candy again. don't you know it's like CANDY month!!!!!

Megan said...

I'm going to have to agree with Tammy on this one. Why exactly are you trying to deprive yourself of candy? To what point? I think it was you who stated last week that your wedding dress is too big for you. I'm still working through forgiving you for that. ;-) Just kidding...I forgive you. But please, don't ban yourself from candy due to anything that deals with weight.