Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tuesday afternoons

they are a blast!
and exhausting...

i basically start packing our water bottles and lunches as rebekah is doing her homework right when she gets home from school {and answer approx. 1 million questions and listen to 3000 very important stories} :-)

we run by the HT {harris teeter} on the way and pick up subs...freshly made and heated up for us!...3 6 inch subs feeds us all for $6 {in addition to a pound of strawberries straight out of the container and a 1/2 empty bag of Stacy's pita chips}

pat has softball games every tuesday night...so he's out of the picture :-)

joshua has practice from 4:45-5:45 and rebekah has practice from 6-7. all on the same field.
so, we set up camp and enjoy the afternoon together!
so far the weather has been great so the "plan" has worked great {except for the 45 minutes when we get home and everyone is TIRED and filthy and has to get bathed and put to bed...NOT the best part of the day...}
once the weather changes, i'm sure our plan will change, but it's been fun so far!
i love this little guy.
he goes with the flow of this crazy family SO easily.
and i just love this picture...
from his beautiful eyes
to his dirty, snotty little face

to his pudgy, filthy! arms and fingers gulping down my water {no matter HOW many water bottles i bring, we ALWAYS run out!}


Christy said...

Ohhhhh Courtney------I LOVE that boy!!!!
those pictures are adorable!

Kate and Geoff said...

love his face! he is starting to look more and more like his big brother!

Katy said...

love those eyes looking up at you while very intently drinking his water!! this fall weather makes the long soccer afternoons survivable! :) i can't believe 3 6" subs feeds all of you! that's impressive!