Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i am not pregnant!

{the day before sawyer was born}

i am not pregnant!
i was doing some math in my head this morning while i was driving and realized that this is the longest i have NOT been pregnant in 10 years!

2 years and 2 months...not pregnant!


just the other day i was in the kitchen for hours...making a meal for us and someone else and i thought, "i'm so glad i'm not pregnant. this would have been so much harder to do."
i think sawyer's pregnancy put me over the edge.
i'm sure of it, actually.

and, i guess, technically i AM pregnant.
it's what they call "paper pregnant."
BUT...i'm not nauseous. or throwing up every day. or getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. or gaining weight like crazy.
i can still run and drink margarita's and sleep on my stomach. :-)

here's my opinion so far on being a mom:
being pregnant: hate it
labor and delivery: love it
newborns: not my favorite
18 months-4 years: my favorite span so far
the jury is out on the rest....

being a mom has been good for me {mostly}:
i get WAY more done in a day then i ever did before.
i know how to enjoy the "little" moments that i didn't even know existed before.
i'm in the best shape i've ever been in!
i can still fit in the clothes i had before fact, my wedding dress is too big!
{it's kind of sad that i still have some of the clothes from before i had kids, huh??}
i have more grey hair and wrinkles...but pat doesn't care and loves me even more.
i have stretch marks, um...everywhere! but i can go for walks with my kids and carry sawyer up the stairs just because i want to and kick the soccer ball with joshua, so i'm choosing not to care about that one!


Katy said...

love it! you always looked amazing when you were pregnant, even though you hated it! :) (and i loved that suit - loved it on you, loved wearing it - it was so cute!) being a mom - totally different, yet exactly what we always wanted in a weird way. :) love you my friend!

Janet said...

that is an adorable maternity bathing suit courtney! I wore a very plain black one (uck).

I loved everything about being pregnant except when preggo with #3 on bedrest only because I couldn't hang/play as much with #1 and #2 kiddos.

I'm a stomach sleeper too! Ha!

I hope you get your babies 'on board' soon!!

Tisha said...

Ha! Funny. You did look GREAT!! You may not have liked pregnancy but pregnancy liked you :)

Mandy said...

i love NOT being pregnant too :)