Saturday, September 18, 2010

my brother is famous! {and other parts to this great saturday!}

today was SUCH a great day.
and i needed a great day. can i get an amen??

started out with a GORGEOUS 9 mile run with some great ladies.
i couldn't really talk.
because i was so focused on running and breathing through all my congestion {oh, i have a COLD...not allergies :-)}
but it was still a great run!

THEN...pat's parents came and took all the kids to their 3 soccer games all over town while pat and i drove to maryland to see my brother and his band perform at a music festival!

he's like, FAMOUS!

they were in a competition a few weeks ago with 5 other bands and they WON and the prize was performing at this music festival!

my brother is amazing.
i'm not sure i've ever mentioned it before...but he has a God-given talent with music that is just amazing.
he can hear a song on the radio and go home, sit down at the piano and PLAY it.
he's never taken piano lessons!
he can play the drums, guitar, piano, sing...he's SO talented.

and his band is great! {i'm a little biased towards the drummer...but they are all great!}

don't you love my dad getting into it?? :-)

on our drive up there pat and i were able to really catch up and talk through some things for the first time in 2 was so nice!

quite the fan club!
my aunt, uncle and cousins even came up from richmond!

my sister, hannah, me and hannah's roommate, sarah
it was SUCH a gorgeous day!

pat, me, chris and his new fiance blair, christy, hannah, phill

steve as he's just coming out after they were done playing!!!

me and my siblings:
hannah, phill, steve and me

the Funk mnkyz!!!

people were totally asking them for their autographs!
i'm SO proud of so proud of him.
today was a dream of his lived out.
how often do we get to say that??

my their "funk mnkyz" shirts :-)

pat and i left in time to go eat lunch before we headed home.
we stopped at chick fil a and a whole group of our friends were there!
at 2:30 in the afternoon!
such a FUN surprise!
we ended up sitting and talking with the snyder's for a couple hours...which was just so FUN to be able to do!

got home to happy kids {thanks, grandmommy and granddad!}
and some money in the mail for vitamins

we played in the yard with the kids
and grilled dinner
and ate in the porch
just what we needed for our family...

got the kids in bed and then bailey came back down

"dad. i think you need to see my tooth."

it was TOTALLY loose.
we didn't even know!
she didn't even know...i think rebekah noticed it...


it was a little traumatic.
at one point we said, "let's just wait til tomorrow..."

she said, "no. i want it out!"

so pat yanked it out.
she was hysterical!
i've never seen such a thing!
she was SO if she'd just lost her arm or something.
and was traumatized.
pat and i were trying so hard not to laugh at her...she was just so CUTE!

she was totally fine after some love :-)
and a promise of some money under her pillow!

i better go take care of that before i forget...


Holly said...

what a perfect day!!!

you are so good about posting in real time!

boo for 9 mile runs ;-) - but it was a perfect day for running - I did a third 10 miler!

oh how my heart is happy for your fun day!

Ali said...

congrats Bailey

so glad your day was great!

beckley said...

okay, how distractable am ?!?!?!

what a great day.
sweet, sweet bailey.

i'm so not ready for the teeth thing.
deep breath.

and what i totally almost interrupted my own self to say is that we totally have the same kitchen knobs.

so distractable.
just i was going to talk about sweet bai and everything else, i'm on kitchen knobs.

oh me.


Kim said...

what a fun weekend, wish i had known about it could have come up for it. Was great weather for it also. loved the pictures also and steve's band .

Tammy said...

so happy that you had a fun relaxing day. you needed it!! let's get together soon.

Katy said...

i am SO excited to see the news about steve - i love a post celebrating steve!!! he really is so talented - what a neat day celebrating him - and that you all got to be there together. that's so exciting! (and i remember when kristen went to hfstival in high school - my mom about had a heart attack...) your parents are too darn cute in their shirts too by the way! :) and bailey - what in the world? just noticed a loose tooth - and it was loose enough to yank out? that's hilarious. not surprised it was a bit dramatic. gotta love it! :)