Saturday, September 18, 2010

advent calendars!

i have a similar one...that my mom gave my kids years ago. friend, Jenn, just posted this on her blog (it's not her's her friend's mom) about these!
i know some of you have asked about mine before...and what a GREAT way to give back by getting! contact her if you want one!

"My mom has been in touch with a missionary from our church serving in Indonesia. She was able to have the Muslim women in her community make the most amazing Advent calendars ever. My mom purchased 160 of these calendars from the women and we're going to sell them and send all of the proceeds back the women in Indonesia. With the money my mom already paid, the women were able to buy goats, pay tuition for schooling, and save some. A bunch of these calendars have already been sold...please DON'T feel pressure to buy them but I wanted to give you the opportunity while we have it because they are going so fast. Attached are pictures of the calendars. They are only $15! If you want one, just send me an e-mail back and I'll put one aside for you."


anthonyandbeth said...

I want one...tell me what to do.

The Faircloth Five said...

I want to buy one...can you give me her email address?

Julie said...

thanks for sharing, I got one... so excited!