Thursday, September 9, 2010

at the end of me...

at the end of me, I see Him so much more clearly

so often, lately, i'm at the end of "me"
i have nothing left - patience, kindness, strength
and i fail
over and over and over

i can remember other times in my life where i would fight against this
as if i were drowning or suffocating and had to
not now

instead of fighting, i'm resting
{it's not easy...but i just have no "fight" left}
falling in His arms
letting Him hold me
letting His grace wash over me

and instead of confusion at the end of the fight for my life,
I feel a sweet, deep knowledge of who He is

at the end me, I see Him so much more clearly


jenn said...

loved this. and need to learn how to do the same!

Megan said...

I need to get here, where I let go of the me or stop railing against my inabilities. But I haven't yet. But I know I will someday in my walk with Him. And that's okay. He'll give me this ability when I am ready for it.

For now, I am just pleased He has shown you how to rest in Him for the moment. You are wise my is crazy to read your blog and think how you have changed over the years since I first knew you. You inspire me. And challenge me. And I love you.