Thursday, August 5, 2010

walk to dunkin' donuts

one of the things on our summer list is to walk to dunkin' donuts for breakfast.
we did it this morning :-)

they each picked their own.
BIG choices.
and then tore pieces off and traded with each other.

this one.
oh, this girl.
the other day i was putting her down for her nap.
she sleeps in a sleeping bag on my floor in the summer (rebekah has quiet time in her room, joshua in his and sawyer in his)

i was on all floors, bent over her to pray with her.
i put my arm under her head and started praying.
she reached up with her little arm and pulled my neck closer to her.
when i was done praying she said,
"can you just hold me til i stop breathing?"

she clarified that she was going to breathe DEEP breaths and when she stopped doing that, i could let go and leave.

of course i held that sweet little girl for the few minutes she needed me to.
and i'm pretty sure i will hold those few minutes close to my heart for a long time...

she is growing up.
and she is beautiful.
that's all i'm going to say about that.

today they have shown kindness to each other multiple times.
in small and big ways.
i really need to make sure to let them know i noticed.
does a mom's heart good...
{this is NOT typical, people. oh, the arguing this summer has about driven me to...i don't's just not been good...}

do you want an update?!?
it's totally better.
i've been running now for almost 4 weeks.
i've taken it slow...slowly building up my mileage.
never running 2 days in a row.
and it feels FINE!
i almost can't believe it!!!
and i'm SO glad to be running again.

i'm not as fast.
and i can't run as far.
but now i have goals to achieve.
and i just don't think i can ever run 12 miles once a week again.
my body just can't handle it.
and that's fine.

the triathlon is a week from saturday.
i'm terribly nervous.
and not as confident as i would have been because of the whole hip/not running thing.
but i am still doing it.
and i just want to finish with a smile on my face.

two of the ladies i run with are also doing it.
they will be finished and have taken a nap by the time i finish, but it will be nice to have them there!

we stopped to watch the TRACTORS! working on our way home this morning.

then spent the rest of the morning at the pool.
bailey is REALLY swimming! it's so fun!
she is SO proud of herself.

we have afternoon thunderstorms (i LOVE afternoon thunderstorms!)
the older 2 are watching a movie.
the younger 2 are sleeping.
i'm here (obviously)

we have a few errands we need to run but i'm not sure it's going to happen...

feeling very content and blessed today.


Jenn said...

i can feel such a peace from you in these last few posts :)

man, how did you not die walking to dunkin? it is so hot out...i almost passed out just walking out to my car this morning :)

love you. love your heart.

Kim said...

thanks for all of your sharing today. i needed it. we are having a terribly rough day around here - horribly arguing and disrespectful etc. so i am in tears reading your posts! but i needed them. thank you

Jenn said...

ps. now i want a donut - thanks a LOT!!! :)

Christy said...


love that I can kinda "picture" your life better now!!

('re gonna rock your tri---I'm SO proud of you!!!!!)

Beckysblog said...

oh little Bailey! She does my heart good too.

Julie said...

i love Bailey... I really want to give me one of her :) SO fun. And it is WONDERFUL to see exactly what you have been posting about you learning... love it. Praise God.
Praying for your tri. hugs

Megan said...

So nice to have a great summer day. What a blessing. Am praying for your will still do great!

Tammy said...

beautiful children! the result of a beautiful mommy pouring herself into them.

Anonymous said...

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