Monday, August 23, 2010


the last day.
and it was GORGEOUS!!!
{him, too...}

i did get to read was so nice!

all 4 of my kids in 1 picture!
(showing off a fish they caught)

my parents by the water...

aren't they the cutest??

this little guy did SO great.
he was so content to just walk around and play with whatever.
he totally went with the flow and was so happy!

and he is a WILD man in the pool!

these pictures make me realize that i really didn't feel good.
i was too tired to get up and go to the other side of the pool to get the better angle...not like me...i plugged on and did everything...but, looking back, i realize that i really didn't feel good most of the trip.

that night we walked down the street to dinner.
hannah and joshua



of course bailey is swinging...she didn't really feel good, either...but nothing stops her!

waiting for our table to be ready...

you got to eat peanuts at your table and just throw the shells on the ground.
sawyer LOVED that part!

goodnight, sawyer! :-)

what a great trip! as always, not long enough.
but a sweet time together as a family!


Katy said...

i love all the one-on-one pictures at dinner - they're all soo cute! and TOTALLY love the one of your parents at the sand - with their feet touching and intertwined. they are the cutest! i want to be them when i grow up!!! and sawyer with the peanut shells - of COURSE he loved it! he totally looks like joshua in that picture - all intent and focused! :)

Holly said...

love the picture of you reading!
and the picture of you and Pat!

Megan said...

Great great photo of you and Pat at dinner. And my kids love the peanuts just like Sawyer. You know that 5 guys has peanuts, right? Not sure you can throw them on the ground...but I know you can at another place near Chantilly called Texas Roadhouse. Just in case Sawyer ever needs another special restaurant treat!