Monday, August 9, 2010

His names

You Are Holy (come ON! his hair is the best, right?? :-))

heard this song in the car this morning.
really listened to the chorus.
let each NAME of God soak into my heart...

try it...just pause on each Name for a few seconds...

He is Lord of Lords

He is King of Kings

He is mighty God

Lord of everything

He's Emmanuel

He's the great "I AM"

He's my Prince of Peace

Who is the Lamb

He's the living God

He's my saving grace

He will reign forever

He is ancient of days

He's the Alpha,


Beginning and End

He's my Savior,



and friend


Amy said...

We sang this at church on Sunday. One of my absolute favorites!! (and I think Pat and MWS have similar hair) :)

Beckysblog said...

Did you know I needed something?

thank you.

my favorite one on this list is...friend.

I love that He is my friend.

Kim said...

one of my favorites.

Tisha said...

If there was a like button here, I would click it for this.