Saturday, July 17, 2010

vacation bubble

pat and i had a GREAT time together this past week.
no "major" decisions were made...and that was kind of nice.
we enjoyed each other.
just WERE.

he is perfect for me.
he gets me.
and still loves me.
he's patient with me.
and challenges me.
he's the perfect combination of strong and gentle for me.

he makes me strive to be better.
and he makes me feel safe.

we are still in our vacation bubble.
we have been apart today for 30 minutes here and there and i miss him.
we can't stop hugging each other when we pass each other.

i know the vacation bubble will break.
but i'm hanging onto it as long as possible.


Cassie said...

i love the vacation bubble.
love it.

Ali said...

sweet words. yay! so glad you had for each other.

Janet said...

aw, that's great! enjoy every moment.

Alden and Dorian said...

What a perfect vacation ~ truly. There is nothing like "time away ~ together". We are so thankful and happy for you two....for your family. Good job for making YOU a priority! I love the contentment I see in all your faces ~ especially Mom and Dad. Love you lots!

Jenn said...

love that picture of you two :)

Katy said...

it's a GREAT picture of you both. you look so happy. so at peace. so refreshed. just how vacation should be!! i'm ready for our own vacation bubble - only a week away! :)