Friday, July 16, 2010

last evening

we had such a fun last evening at the beach.
we went to a smaller area and ate at a little pizza place.
the kind with an arcade in the back (3 games...and each one only cost $.25!)

her daddy fell in love with her all over again this week...

we walked across the street to a little carnival.
just a few rides.
perfect for us.
this was before it started moving...

see bailey's face??
don't worry.
she was cheering a second later!
that girl is WILD!

this was more joshua and sawyer's speed...

bailey and sawyer watching daddy, rebekah and joshua on the bumper cars.
the HIT of the night!

bailey got to go on later.
sawyer was too little.
but he sure tried to scoot up that ramp and onto a car! :-)

rebekah REALLY wanted to try this.
we knew what would happen.
but had to let her find out for herself.
she gets VERY do i.
and i know what these rides do to me...she made it off the ride and into my arms before she burst into tears.
she was ok a few minutes later....

i sacrificed MY stomach and rode the ferris wheel with bailey.

we could see the beach from the top.
she kept yelling, "WE CAN SEE THE BEACH!" over and over.
as we got off at the end, the guy letting us off said, "so. i heard you could see the beach."

ended our perfect evening with ice cream cones.

i mean...

a great ending to a GREAT week!

we are home.
spent the day driving.
we are unpacked.
groceries bought for the week.
suits/towels ready for the swim meet in the morning.

here we go!

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