Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it was a great day

just one of those sweet ones that you want to bottle up.

the kids helped refill "the snack basket"

and we made cookies

and blew bubbles

and took pictures of the CUTEST little almost 2 year old!

and when pat got home i escaped to a yoga class.
and it was GREAT {i am really loving yoga...i can't believe i'm saying that...but i am!}

and then i ruined it all by totally freaking out once i started thinking about the next few days.
lots to be done.
i HATE that.
when i ruin a great day.

but, thankfully, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully i can start anew.


Courtney said...

so excited to hear that you loved yoga! i never feel so strong & physically empowered as when I'm doing yoga. it's no run, but i hope it's as good for your body & soul as it is for mine! :)

Beckysblog said...

Um, I love the Huck Finn picture!

Laura said...

are you doing Hot yoga:)?

Tammy said...

love those days...what a precious family