Saturday, May 29, 2010


i did 2/3 of my triathlon this morning!

a 25.5 mile bike ride followed by a 6.2 mile run.
it felt good.
really good.

not sure how i feel about doing that after a 1 mile swim...but i'm happy with what i did today.

i've definitely been in a bit of a "funk" with my training/exercise lately {i've kinda been in a "funk" in's just affecting everything!} and i think i may be coming out of it!


Julie said...

good job Courtney!!!!!!

Amy said...

You are a ROCKSTAR!! Way to go, Courtney!!

Anonymous said...

Good job!! When is your race?

Tammy said...

you are amazing in or out of a funk!!

Katy said...

that's AWESOME!!! i was thinking about you tonight and realizing we hadn't heard much about it lately...wondering how things were going. now that it's practically right around the corner and all! :)

Megan said...

Awesome job! And what a great funk! I wish my good days looked anywhere near your funk looks! You are going to be able to do that after a lake swim for sure!