Wednesday, April 14, 2010

her love language is "touch"

beyond a shadow of a doubt!
can you see how she has one hand on sawyer and one hand on joshua?
(this was sept 16, 2008...)

if i hold out my arms to her...she will melt into me.
every time.

she is hard these days.
but i'm {finally} learning to "touch" more...and it's helping.

{my love language is NOT it doesn't come naturally to me...}


Ali said...

you are a wise mama!

Julie said...

i love that picture of her. ANd what a good mommy to notice and respond to that~

Tisha said...

That is the cutest picture. I agree. You are a good, wise mother to love Bailey how she needs it most and accepts it best.

Mandy said...

um...this post made me cry. i'm wierd. and pregnant.

Leighann said...

i love this picture of Bailey. Ainsley is the same way... always on top of me! But I do love the cuddling.