Saturday, April 17, 2010

GREAT day in Richmond!!!

i'll be back later (after baseball parade, soccer practice and football game) with more details and pictures...but for those that are curious about our day, here is the "short" version:

it was a great day.
i felt EVERY emotion: love, stress, relaxation, frustration, happiness, sadness, comfortable, anxious...

i did NOT plan a "simple" was planned out to the minute.
and, of course, it did not go smoothly...not a thing!
and we did not get all our documents authenticated.

but i felt your prayers covering us.
if you could do exactly what you did yesterday when we are in Africa for 2 weeks that would be great! :-)

it was a GREAT day with my kids.
they did AWESOME...REALLY, REALLY awesome!

and it was a special day with friends...old and new.

so...not the end result i was hoping for...but a GREAT day in Richmond!


Janet said...

aww, that's great! continued prayers for you and your family.

Katy said...

i was thinking of you and praying for you so often on Friday. Wondering which part of your "schedule" you were up to. Bummer that it didn't ALL happen exactly as planned, but I hope some of the fun stuff did!