Thursday, March 4, 2010

the last 24 hours...and the next "phase" of the plan

well, it's a good thing i'm feeling some better.
because in the last 24 hours a lot has happened:

bailey got pinkeye

we moved every knickknack/book/lamp out of the entire upstairs and our family room and office on the main floor. in preparation for new carpet being installed.

bailey broke out in hives all over her body and was itching like a crazy person...flailing around on the ground and everything. trip to urgent care to get new prescription for pinkeye :-)

{piles everywhere...i kinda wanted to just take it all out to the trash since it was trash day...i think i've simplified and then do something like this and feel like we have SO.MUCH.STUFF!!!}

i woke up this morning feeling significantly better...and ran! and it felt GOOD!!! YAY!!

pat woke up this morning barely able to stand up straight.
he stayed home.

and tried to find a place to rest while some very hard working men tore out all our old carpet and replaced it with new, cushy carpet from 9 am-5 pm.

our family room was in the kitchen {luckily i packed all our lunches at 6:45 am when i was packing rebekah's! there was no way i could have made lunch in that kitchen!}

sawyer got to take his nap in the storage room in the basement.

i was still able to get on the computer in all the madness :-)

sorry it's fuzzy...this is saywer saying "set, HUT!" with a bottle of pledge.
love him.

made dinner and granola bars for pat and the kids for the weekend.

once the men started finishing up some rooms around 3:30 we started putting our house back together.
feels kinda like we moved!
that was a BIG project! bigger than i was anticipating.
but...all lamps are back where they belong...all books back on the shelves...just can't find bailey's nightlight and it was almost a disaster...but we somehow got her to go to sleep.
i'm TIRED.

and have to pack to head out of town on a girls' retreat tomorrow!
but...i'll think about that tomorrow.

can you see how cushy the carpet is??
the carpet used to be about even with the wood it's so SOFT and thick!
LOVE it!

so...this is the next "phase" of the plan.
i don't know what "the plan" is exactly...but it's the projects we want/need to get done before we add 2 children to our family.
we've been saving money since we moved into our house for those projects that you say you want to do as you're walking through it the first time.
our house was totally ready to live in when we moved in.
but...there were things we wanted to do to make it ours.
and, since we don't anticipate having the time/energy/money to do anything for awhile after our family grows from 6 to 8, we are tying some of those projects into the plans we have to do to be ready for 6 kids...hence the painting and carpet.

next will be some new beds/mattresses...and i have to admit at this point that i'm ready to be done.

it's fun to do house projects.
i love to dream and be creative and make things "mine."
but...spending money is hard...always a tough tug-o-war in my heart about money..."is this the wisest use of our money"...
and the time that stuff like this takes gets to me...takes me away from pat and the kids and time to think and ponder the REAL stuff...instead of paint colors and what kind of carpet pad we should get.

so...the next phase is done.
and i think we'll wait a bit until we do anything else.
we have time (ugh)
and i need a break from it.
and i want to enjoy creating the special spaces for each child in their rooms.

i'm feeling better.
we got new carpet.
i'm tired. :-)


Beckysblog said...

oh wow. Just looking at it made my blood pressure rise.
But the carpet does look wonderful now!

Ali said...

it does look cushy and so nice! what a huge endeavor! sorry your still aren't feeling well. praying your weekend decision becomes very clear to you.

Katy said...

the carpet looks great and i bet FEELS awesome!!! now you can enjoy sitting on the floor with the kids playing a few more rounds of candyland...and RESTING!

Megan said...

Whew! I know what you just went through. And all I can say is I'm glad you have it over with now! Hooray!