Friday, March 5, 2010


{our house at 8:20 am this morning}

i'm battling.
a lot of things.

set my alarm for "pm" instead of "am" slept through and didn't run.

not sure if i'm well.
and that's beyond frustrating.

i'm supposed to be leaving in a few hours on a girls retreat with my church.
i need this time...after the last 2 weeks i just feel like i need some time to think and ponder and pray and to allow God to speak to me.
but i can't if i'm sick.
it takes all my energy to just exist.
so, should i even go??

AND...pat is pretty sick.
very sick.
he's insisting i still go.
he knows i need this.

but i feel awful leaving.

so...since i can't decide if i'm well or not.
and i can't decide if i'm going or not.
i'm going to the gym.
to sweat.
i KNOW i need that...whether i'm sick or not...staying or not...i'm going to need that.


Courtney said...

You should go on the retreat.
God will honor that time you take just for God.
It will be worth it, and your family will be fine.
Praying for you.

Peyton said...

I can't believe you are too sick to function and you want to run and go to the gym! Your body needs to recover you nut, REST! I vote to go to the retreat. AND REST

K said...

I vote to go on the retreat, too! Go, relax, get fed on the Word and revived for this next phase in your life. 5 years from now you probably won't remember what you did this weekend if you stay home, but you will remember being on the retreat and what God has to say to you...Go!!! :)

Jenn said...


Katy said...

okay so i'm not going to fuss at you for going to gym.....i know the feeling of "maybe i can just sweat it out"...but i also know the feeling of almost dropping dead from working too hard when not feeling good....anyways....YES i think you should go. you need to go - need to get a break. you'll be refreshed and get more rest being AWAY than at home. they'll be fine...