Saturday, March 13, 2010

full day...

started my day off with a 12 mile run.
in the wind and rain.
it was awesome.
and i'm not being sarcastic.
gave some stuff back to God that i was letting take over my thoughts and worries.

pat and joshua met ej and owen halfway for lunch.
owen's birthday is next week and it was a little celebration for him!

love how these little boys love each other!

while they were gone i took the girls (and sawyer) to old navy to get a few things for rebekah for spring/summer.

one of my least favorite things to do is figure out the kids' clothing situation/needs when the seasons change.
but we're entering yet another "stage" of this and it's a good one!
for years it has seemed like they all need new clothes every 3 months.
i used to buy almost all their clothes at consignment sales/yard sales.
and i love finding those deals.
but it is VERY time consuming.
and i just don't have the time these days!

thankfully...right now...only rebekah needs clothes!

we have a couple neighbors with boys a little older than joshua that have been handing clothes down to him and it's the BEST! between that and grandmas (:-)) i literally only have to get him underwear and shoes!

bailey wears rebekah's hand me downs.
{with a few added silver glitter shoes/tutu skirts/things that are HER}

and sawyer wears joshua's hand me downs (and now that he's older it doesn't matter that they were born at opposite ends of the calendar).

AND...rebekah doesn't need ALL new clothes. just some.
once they get older, their clothes are more expensive.
but they also last longer...we are getting 2 years out of most of her clothes!
because the sizes are "6/7", etc.
it's so nice!
{and...she's not quite to the age where she's "into" clothes/brands, etc...i know it's coming...}

so...clothes are mostly done already in one shopping trip!
{sorry...that was probably really boring...just wanted to encourage those of you with little kids...things DO change!}

off to get ready for dinner guests!
and a different family is coming over for dessert after that!

full day...


Jenn said...

fun, busy, productive day!

wow -those boys are looking so OLD!!


Anonymous said...
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Alden and Dorian said...

Phew, you had a busy Saturday! What a fun time for Joshua and I know you had fun with your friends! It has been a rainy spell hasn't it!!!! One more day maybe and then some wonderful SUN! Love you.

The Faircloth Five said...

Good job getting it done! I've been putting off even looking to see what we have/need because I hate it too! Changing out everything is the worst!!!

beckley said...

i ran on the wet ground tonight.

there is something about wetness that relates to the spirit, i think.

may you feel full in your relief of burdens.

and i, too, have spent the day sorting clothes.
gross. so much stuff i have, and putting it "away" rips at my heart, as likely--possibly, we will not use it again. sad, but grateful. it's a weird, weird feeling.

oh, and it's tedious and super-annoying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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