Sunday, February 7, 2010

joshua, you're 6 today

we sang happy birthday to joshua over chocolate chip scones and strawberries for breakfast.

then he opened his cards...

gifts from rebekah {she wrapped up some of her books for him}

gifts from bailey {she also wrapped up some of her books :-)}

a package that came in the MAIL from grandmommy and granddad!

and our gifts
{a soccer will be used ONE DAY! once the snow is melted! :-)}

then we went sledding!!

joshua, you're 6 years old today.

you have such a sweet spirit.
calmness exudes from you...and i'm thankful for it every day.
you are a great's been so cool to watch you have friends this year in school.

you love numbers.
and you have an amazing memory.
you don't like rice or pasta.
you love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
you have just started reading and you are always reading a's so fun!
you love your sisters and brother and you are so kind to them.
you will share your favorite toy or piece of candy with sawyer in a heartbeat...just because you want to...not because you are asked.
you are not the best loser.
you love to build legos.
and play with your train table.
and race hot wheels.

i love you.
i'm proud of all that you are.
and each day is a sweet blessing with you, joshua alden.

happy 6th birthday!


Alden and Dorian said...

Ohhhhh adorable ~ I love all of that! I love the last pic and his shirt ~ he is looking so much older! I also love Sawyer's little hand on his shoulder on one of the pics. He is "calmness" for us all. Love you Joshua!

Julie said...

I also love Sawyer in these pics... I love his face as Joshua is opening a gift... priceless
Happy birthday Joshua...
I love your post.
you have such awesome kids!

Holly said...

every post of his make me want a boy sooo bad!!!

Ali said...

Happy 6th Birthday Joshua! Your party looked so fun. We are thinking of you. Love ALL the Fogartys

Katy said...

he is looking older and older in these pictures - i'm still getting used to seeing his front teeth too! he is a sweet boy....much like his sweet namesake, your dad. same gentle spirit i think. happy birthday joshua!