Saturday, February 6, 2010

a cozy ending

after dinner we all curled up on the couch and watched "Up" for the first time
(we just discovered "on demand" like a month ago! it's so fun! like Blockbuster...but you don't have to leave your house!)

sawyer didn't stay there the whole time...but for longer than i would have expected!


Julie said...

you deserve it after all that snow and all the shoveling!

Jennifer said...

Courtney, if that's Verizon FIOS on demand then you "have" the movie for 24 hours without paying for it again, so if you want to let the kids watch again today, you can.

We don't get that many movies so when we do, we often let them watch it again the next day. It will be a good way to talk them back in from the snow!

Have fun! We're off to build a bobsled run in our backyard. We have a nice slope, though there is a creek at the bottom (sam and anna have both ended up in it on separate occassions :) ). Sam's bday is next Sun so we're having a WInter Olympics party for him. We're going to hopefully still have the bobsled run, biathalon and curling (shuffleboard in the basement).