Thursday, February 2, 2017

christmas break

 we balanced work and out the game cabinet...

followed by some errands to use gift cards...
 out to lunch...
 watching Harry Potter!
 late afternoon walk.
 the movies! Bailey and I saw Muana.
 the rest of them saw the Star Wars movie.
 our movie was over a few minutes early...
 out to lunch on new years eve.
 and bowling. (this was part of trying to fill our kids "tanks"...because the family that has the friends they were going to hang out with on new years eve got sick and couldn't come. so we were leaving them alone...and felt awful about it...I guess you could say we were "buying" their love. or happiness. whatever. we did it.)
 Rebekah put this whole set up together. it was the plan when the Fogarty's were coming. but she still did it! and did a photoshoot with her siblings. loved that.
 we missed the Fogarty's......but had a sweet night with these friends!'s 2017!

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