Wednesday, January 11, 2017

it's 2017

this space is becoming a different place for me.

it started as a place to share with my kids who I was as a person. they were babies. they only wanted my lap and my food. now that they are older, I try to do that every day as we walk through our days. I share my heart and tell them what God is teaching me. they still want my food ;-)

i'm also more and more protective of sharing about them. they are becoming their own people. it's not for me to share some of their stories. but i'm such an open, real person...that it feels almost dishonest to share some parts and not others. so it's tricky for me. i'm trying to figure it out. there's been some debate and conversation about ending it all together. time will tell.

I miss what it used to be. but life goes on and changes and I will, too.

so. it's 2017.

this year is a year of travel for us. we want to explore and GO! pat and I are turning 40 this spring and going on birthday trips. those details are still being ironed out. this summer, our family will go on a 2 week road trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. the research and planning for that is one of the best parts for me. and this fall, Rebekah will turn 16. I've told the girls for YEARS that when they turn 16, the 3 of us (me, Rebekah and Bailey) will go to New York City. so we get to go this fall!! there will also be a couple beach trips this summer sprinkled in there. and we'll see what else I might be able to talk Pat into ;-)

Pat and I go on a date every Monday night. it's been this way for about a year. once our kids started staying up as late (or later!) as us, we had no time to really talk at home. so...we have to leave the house! most Monday nights, you will find us at Panera. Him with a hot tea and berry scone, me with a cold tea and one corner of his scone. he has this marked out in his calendar at work. EVERYONE knows. they know not to schedule meetings late on Monday afternoon. it means the world to me that he honors that time.

we are going to use the next few date nights to really talk through our kids and where we might need to change things. we have realized we're in one of those "cruise control" places and we need to re-evaluate some things. this whole technology/device era is something we're constantly trying to figure out and navigate well. any tips? argh!

for the last couple months, I've been reading Harry Potter to Lincoln, Sawyer and Levi on my bed before they go to bed. it's become such a sweet time for us all. simple. close. GOOD. we finished the first one over Christmas break and watched the movie. we just started the second one. there are illustrated versions of them now, so I get them that one to follow along with while I read. I already know those are some of the moments in life i'm always going to treasure. and we're only on book 2! :)

I don't really do new years resolutions. but I do have to admit to re-evaluating why I do things. and I've also been de-cluttering like crazy. even clearing off whole walls. makes me feel like I can breath more deeply!

do you do new years resolutions? do you write them down?


Alden and Dorian said...

I love that you share here on your blog Courtney. Of course I love really talking with you more, but this is a good place to see life in the Cassada household.

Beginning of the year is just a good clean break to think and change some things up. I always look forward to it. No pressure. Just pondering and doing some things differently.

We get the cruise control ~ life can get in that place. It's not bad, but we don't want to miss anything do we?

I love who you are ~ have since the day you were born. What a pleasure to watch you continue to grow and learn in life.....with God helping you all.along.the.way.

Love you dearly! Happy New Year dear daughter!

Katy said...

oh my sweet friend, i love being able to peek in on your life! our families and growing and changing arent they? i love all your trip plans - we would love to do a cross country road trip one day, so i cant WAIT to hear your plans! love you!