Wednesday, December 14, 2016

sweet moments caught

 watching a movie (grab a candy cane off the tree!) on a rainy afternoon...
and a very hormonal big sister (!!) choosing to read to her little brother "just because"...oh how my heart needs these little moments amidst the "real" stuff!
the majority of my day does NOT look like this, but these moments are the ones that get me through. and i'm thankful that sometimes I stop and take it in (and even take a picture every now and then!)

mothering them well takes everything I have. all day. every day. and I fail to do it perfectly. but I apologize, thank God for His grace and truth that spills over my life, and I do again and again.

this season of advent brings more stress than i'd like. and, a lot of it comes from the "traditions" that I think we have to do to make it special. i'm letting some things go, handing some of it to the kids if they really want to do it, and pushing through sometimes because i'm stubborn and then I regret it.

but at the end of each day, I have a renewed gratefulness and awe for this season. as it is more acutely obvious than ever that we NEEDED Jesus to come and save us!

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Alden and Dorian said...

You do it SO incredibly well Courtney! Thank you for giving so much to your family ~ with love and creativity. I love watching you be a mom and wife.
Praying for you to continue on in this hectic lovely season. Love you dearly.