Thursday, October 13, 2016

"ALL" my extra hours!

i'm figuring this out...and i'd say i'm doing just fine ;-)

I still feel really busy just with taking care of my home and family...even when they aren't here. but I AM trying to do some fun extra things that I haven't been able to go spend a day with my sister and niece!!

we had so much fun just being together. I painted her handprint on a pumpkin. I kissed her face a LOT of times. caught up with my sweet sister. it was just precious to me...every little bit!

i'm still working through this new stage i'm in. right now, i'm just really thankful for what it is.

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Alden and Dorian said...

Haha! Love Ellie's expression that says "what in the world is my aunt doing anyway"? I know you loved your time and I'm so thankful you and Hannah...and Ellie got to do that!