Friday, September 23, 2016

you are amazing

if you happen to be here. i'm so glad. I miss sharing my heart in this space. and i'm close to being back here!

but, for now, know that you are amazing. THAT is my heart's cry for you. that you would KNOW that you are amazing. don't compare yourself to the others that you see on Instagram. or facebook. or blogs. or even to the person that you've made up in your head that you need to be.

BE YOU. who you are today. do the next right thing. you know what it is.

we need to stop looking around so much and just listen to our hearts. listen to what God is telling us to do and say and be. others will always fail us. but His truth NEVER will.

i'm guilty of it, too! it's constant. we have to continually re-direct our hearts to what is true.

have a wonderful weekend. it'll have bright moments. and hard moments. and typical moments. and extraordinary moments. embrace them all.

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elizabeth acampora said...

♥♡♥ you are back to sharing on here. Complete stranger to you but your stories inspire me & deepen my relationship with God. Thanks!!!