Friday, September 23, 2016

celebrating twins!

we got to celebrate my cousin's twins that will be arriving soon this past weekend!! we are SO excited for them. susan (on the left) is my mom's sister. chris (with the duck sunglasses :-)) is her son. his wife, Gaby, is expecting twin baby boys. and her mom is on the right. we LOVE Gaby and are SO glad to have her in our family! she's such a delight!

here's a pic of her from the week before at the family picnic. she is AMAZING.
Hannah and I got to drive to the shower together. 6 hours in the car! just the 2 of us! what a gift!!! (AND she ran a half-marathon that morning! SHE'S amazing, too!!)
 it was a fun, fun day.
until I got home. and I was exhausted. and pat was gone to NYC for 3 days. boo....

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