Tuesday, August 2, 2016

myrtle beach 2016!!!

last week we were at the beach with my WHOLE family. it was amazing. we all know I love the beach (understatement of the century!) and I LOVE my family, so it was basically perfect.

the trip down was a little more eventful than any of us would have liked. we almost hit a tree that had JUST fallen across I-95. and my sister's battery died and they had to wait and leave the next day which was a bummer. but we all made it safely and were more thankful for that than usual.

it didn't take long for us to start having a blast ;-)

 ellie's first time enjoying the summer beach! and she DID enjoy it!!!
so...when I was uploading my pictures, most of them are of Ellie - you've been warned. she's just SO much cuter than any of the rest of us ;-)
 she can't walk on her own yet. but LOVES to walk around...so we all did this. a lot.

 the water was AMAZING all week. beautiful. clear. warm. and fun to be in!

some of the girls 
 they went "pokemon hunting" on the golfcart one evening. she is such a fun grandma!
they played hard ALL DAY. and slept hard at night!!
 Lincoln turned 9 while we were there!!
 pat took Joshua and sawyer fishing EARLY one morning. they had a great time.
 it was SO good to see pat relax. he needed that badly. 
 my mom and her kids.
 my kids didn't get out of their 10k training! and my dad, Hannah and pat joined us for our 5 mile run! it was nice to have some help!

 she knows who to go to to get a little extra ;-)

I mean?!?!?

I had to go on this ride with levi - he was too short to go by himself. and I was sick for OVER 24 hours after it. argh!
one morning I took Ellie on a LONG walk. she was so good. I spent a lot of time praying over her and her precious life. goodness, I adore her.
 watching my sister be a mom is SUCH a joy! she's SUCH a good mom!

 sibling night!! my parents kept the kids. and we went to dinner AND krispy Kreme (HOT NOW!) AND I tried to be cool and wore a romper. they seem fun till you have to go to the bathroom...
 SUCH an amazing papa. always down on their level.
 sawyer turned 8 while we were there!
sawyer spent HOUR upon HOUR fishing in the pond behind the house. what a JOY every aspect of this trip was for our whole family!
one day, my parents kept the kids for the morning. pat and I went to this wake park. I have no pictures from it. but it will be a memory for always. he LOVED it. and I enjoyed doing it with him so that he would do it! it was fun to do something DIFFERENT and out of the box for us both!

 I warned  you...
picture night!

we told bailey she had to TOUCH Rebekah. notice the ONE finger touching her....

 you might see this one again at Christmas....

 I like this one better than the posed one ;-)
 do you think she's loved??

 :-) my mom caught me!
oh, I can FEEL the lightness of the days as I look back through these...the time to just be. to listen. to take things in around me.

it was a GOOD GOOD week. SO much thanks to my parents for making it and allowing it to happen!!!


Courtney said...

a) i love this post.
b) i can't believe we missed you by a day
c) joshua looks SO old and different and big and whew!
d) bailey is your twin and i love it
e) you are so tan! and you are just beautiful inside and out
f) i am so impressed with your kids' running ability. truly inspiring. you always make me wish I was a runner.
e) rompers. yes. the secret is to go "commando", but whew- we're probably too old for that.

Courtney said...

oh! and i just realized rompers should be (g)- AND (h) would be- wake park???? I didn't know that exists! was it worth it? sounds likes something SW and I might want to try next year!

Kimberly Mattes said...

Love your pictures! I am living vicariously through everyone's fun trips this summer!

Kimberly Mattes said...

Love your pictures! I am living vicariously through everyone's fun trips this summer!