Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Rebekah. this girl. she (and we!) survived her first year of high school.
it was a rough start. and that surprised us. we felt like first-time parents all over again...we had NO idea what we were doing. LOTS of conversations just us, with her, LOTS of praying.
i'm sure we made some mistakes, but we kept talking and praying and we made it through.

really trying to change our mindsets as we switch from parenting "little kids" to "older kids" and trying to give them more independence is a tricky thing. we want to protect them, but also prepare them.

Rebekah LOVES to play the guitar and sing worship songs. and it creates a beautiful atmosphere in our home! if she ever has some time, that's what she does. no complaints here!

she ran cross country and played basketball for her high school and they were both good learning experiences.

she definitely made the switch this year to wanting to be with her friends a LOT. i honestly expected it a couple years sooner, so it's ok. there is often tension with it, though. she wants to be a lot of places, but has 5 other siblings that i refuse to make their lives revolve around her plans EVERY day. i do adore her friends and want her to be with them as much as she can!

she is a good sister and they all look up to her in different ways. i know she has a LOT on her shoulders, being the oldest in a big family (speaking from experience here) and she handles it well.

we make lots of mistakes with her since she's our oldest, but we are making it through, one mistake and grace-filled conversation at a time ;-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

Rebekah, Granddad and I know how difficult it is to be a teenager in high school. We will be praying daily for God's guidance in our beautiful granddaughter's life. Always remember how much Granddad and I love you! Keep singing praises to God, sweetie! He will guide you through the upcoming years.