Wednesday, July 13, 2016


this kid has been a blessing to my heart since the moment he was born.
he requires so little. and his presence calms me with no words needed.

he finished his first year of middle school this year and sailed right through. chose good friends. made straight A's. and had a ball. he decided to play soccer after having never played and LOVED it and would now probably say it's his favorite sport (although he loves ANY sport!)

he is a great brother to his little brothers. and he and Rebekah still have a precious, unique bond. he and bailey aren't that tight, but they are very close in age and VERY different in personality (sometimes i look at them and they seem like twins separated by 18 months!) i pray one day they enjoy each other - ha!

Joshua is a hard worker when he needs to be, but most things come super easy to him.

he LOVES his dad and i love to see the things he's "saved" in his head all day to share with his dad when he gets home. things that he didn't share with me.

he has a nice group of friends that live close by that are at our house most days, especially this summer. i love seeing him in that environment...with his peers and not just his siblings.

Joshua blesses me so often. with his smile and his easy demeanor. i'm so so thankful he's in our family!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Joshua, we are so very proud of your hard work and calm spirit that you have. As you age, you are looking more and more like your Dad! We love you so very much!