Tuesday, July 12, 2016


oh, this girl. there seriously aren't WORDS to describe her.
she is SO MUCH.
so much of WHATEVER she is at the moment.

she is the most generous of all our kids. would give ALL she had to anyone that needed it.
she is FULL of joy. but also full of anxiety. which is an interesting combination.

she thrives around people, comes ALIVE with an audience. yet, noise and chaos REALLY bother her.

see? she's one i never quite feel like I've got figured out.

bailey LOVES touch. loves for her hair to be brushed, or to be hugged, or for her back to be rubbed.

she is a teacher through and through. is always teaching her little brothers something. and they (usually) are gladly her students.

bailey wants to be heard. this sometimes is precious. and sometimes is frustrating. but i pray every day that i never squash who she is. i want to let her bloom exactly the way God made her!

she brings SO much LIGHT and LIFE to our family and i just really can't wait to watch her over the next few years.

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Barbara Cassada said...

Bailey's heart is filled with compassion, and we love our beautiful granddaughter very much!