Thursday, June 16, 2016

bailey's graduation from 5th grade!!

Bailey's graduation from elementary school. This girl OOZES with love for anyone she comes into contact with. She can't hold it in. There were lots of awards given. She didn't get any of them. But she was called up because she was a member of a group of 10 kids that none of their classmates knew existed. They met during lunch every other week to be trained and taught. And their task was to be aware of and KIND to ALL the kids in the school so that no one got "lost." She took it very seriously and, really, it was just natural for her. I couldn't be more proud of who she is. I can't believe she's mine


Katy said...

that is the most amazing thing! i LOVE that her school did that. ..and of course she was the perfect person to be part of that!

Barbara Cassada said...

Bailey has such a compassionate heart! We love our granddaughter so very much!