Monday, May 9, 2016

guns and roses

Joshua and I got to go to an event at church for moms and sons. it was seriously my most favorite event they've ever done. it was SO well thought out. we both had a blast!!

first, we got to shoot at targets with air-soft guns. I really liked that!!

then we went inside and there was a room all set up for a nerf gun war. the moms got really into it - which the boys loved.

later, the sons presented their moms with a letter (his was the SWEETEST!!) and a rose. and we danced together. it was such a fun night being with him and doing things HE loves! I hope he always remembers it....I know I will!

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Barbara Cassada said...

What a very special time it was for Joshua and you, Courtney!! Yoou are an amazing Mom....and Joshua knows it!!!