Thursday, March 3, 2016

it feels good to win

when I walked past Joshua's room on Monday morning, I stopped and ran downstairs (and back up) to get something to take a picture. he was going to have a basketball game that night and had his clothes all laid (ok. in a ball but, he's 12!) out, ready for the game.

it says so much.

this boy LIVES for sports. LOVES sports. it's the FIRST thing he looks at in the morning...and the last before he goes to bed.

his basketball team this year is made up of some incredible boys. I LOVE to watch them play. they try SO hard. but they have lost EVERY.SINGLE.GAME.

Monday night was the first game of the tournament. and, even though we said the things we were supposed to, we still all thought they'd lose.

BUT THEY WON!! i'm not sure I've EVER been so excited for one of my kids to win a game. the smiles and cheers were priceless.

once we got home, and were getting ready for bed, Joshua said, "it sure feels good to win."
honest words.
there next game is tonight...when you lose, you're out, so we'll see if this is their last game.....

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Barbara Cassada said...

WOW!!!! What a great example of holding onto hope and persevering when the odds are against you!!! Congratulations on a memorable basketball season, Joshua!!