Tuesday, February 23, 2016

welcome to america!

two weekends ago, our dear friends, the fogarty's came into town. for a very special reason!! they are hosting a sweet boy for a month from china. he was flying into an airport near us, so we got to spend the day with them...and go with them to welcome him to the USA!

his flight came in at 9 pm...so it was a late night for all of us (they still had to drive home...2 hours...so it was a REALLY late night for them!)

it was so good for my heart to have some hours with her.

and it was such a blessing for our family to get to SEE and MEET him! now we know exactly who is in their home and in their hearts...and he made his way into ours just in the few minutes we got to be with him!


Ali said...

Oh Thank YOU! If anyone wants more information about this amazing boy, please email me at alifogarty@gmail.com He wants a family to call his own and he is paper ready.

Barbara Cassada said...

Courtney....what a wonderful thing that the Fogarty's are doing! Within seconds of reading your blog and looking into the eyes of this sweet boy, I know that God has selected parents for him!! I have fallen in love within him....and I will pass the word around at my church...and pray for loving parents for him.