Friday, February 26, 2016

my heart

Rebekah took this picture at bailey's basketball game. the one she wasn't supposed to be at.

she sent it to me the next day. my heart needed it. his hand. and the sweet picture to remind me.

sawyer and I have this connection...for being a 7 year old boy, it's amazing how he knows when I am not ok. this night was a tough one. for lots of reasons. and he just reached his hand over and held mine. it's what I needed. it was simple...but reached me deeply.

it's been a rough few weeks. I've spent a lot of my time and energy fighting demons and an ugly heart. it's coming off of a long season of sweet joy and peace. I was thankful for the joy I felt. I knew it couldn't last forever. He uses all seasons to grow and mold and teach us. I just pray I can be as thankful for this season as I was for the joy-filled one.

i'm trying to listen closely to Him. to not TELL Him what I need, but to let Him give me what I need. some days I feel like I know less and less with each day that passes.

but there is ONE THING I know for sure: His love NEVER fails.



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Barbara Cassada said...

God loves us unconditionally....and He will lead you through these challenging times, Courtney! Also remember how much your family loves you....including Dad and I!!