Wednesday, February 10, 2016

joshua's 12th birthday weekend!

Joshua had quite a weekend this past weekend.
Friday evening, 2 of his friends came over for pizza and cupcakes.
then we all headed to the varsity boys basketball game at the high school.
because Rebekah has been on the JV team, we can't see any of the boys games because when her games are home, the boys are away.
but this night we went to the boys game...Joshua has been dying to see one! those boys can PLAY! and JUMP!

the next day, he got to go to breakfast with pat's parents. (I have no pictures :( )
and, after his basketball game that afternoon, he went to dinner with MY parents.
it's so special for both sets of grandparents to do have time JUST with him. he loved it!!
my parents gave him this book about "D Day" mom's dad was a pilot in WWII and my mom put some pictures of him in the book. he LOVED that!
sunday was his ACTUAL birthday...AND the super bowl! could that be ANY more perfect for him??
we just had fun food for dinner and more cupcakes.
he loved pat's present....(it's a BB gun...)
it was such a fun weekend celebrating this sweet boy. he brings so much calm to our crazy home. happy birthday, Joshua!!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Granddad and I love you so very much, Joshua!!! Hugs, Grandmommy