Thursday, January 21, 2016

basketball and babies

it feels like that's been our life so far this january :-)

rebekah has 2-3 basketball games a week. (her shooting a foul shot in that first picture). and joshua and bailey have 1. plus practices.

joshua got strep a couple weeks ago. which kept him from his game :(.
bailey gave him the play-by-play of her game as soon as she got home. he DID care...he just couldn't get up.
we celebrated christmas with my side of the family on january 9. my niece, ellie, has my whole heart. it was such a nice, relaxed evening. pat and joshua had to stay home (he had strep then) and we missed having them there!

i have the BEST friends. in a matter of 20 minutes, both of these things were left on my doorstep one morning. my favorite food (avocados!) and my favorite flower. i felt so loved!
 this little girl wraps herself around my heart more and more each day. :-)
 the faces of my mornings. i'm beyond blessed.
 i'll leave it at that ;-)

and bailey's foul shot. she gets her form from me - ha! she is really liking basketball, though!! i love that for her! she asked pat to take her to the gym and practice this past weekend...that says a lot!
this was taken MLK, Jr day...the night before, lincoln prayed, "dear God, thank you for MLK, Jr. because without him we couldn't be a family."
 yesterday was my AMAZING mom's birthday!!!! my sister and i took her out to lunch. we need to do that more often!
i caught sawyer and his friend watching and talking to sweet baby corey yesterday afternoon. i think we're all in love :-)
in 24 hours, we're supposed to get the beginning of a BIG snowstorm. it's probably going to cancel some fun plans we had this weekend...which i'm trying to be ok with and embrace hunkering down for a few days with this crazy crew of mine!

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Megan said...

That is an unbelievably sweet prayer from Lincoln.