Tuesday, November 17, 2015

teaching them limits

i'm in a new season.
in parenting. in motherhood. in LIFE.

i'm realizing my limits. and i'm choosing to listen to them as i act.

actions speak louder than words, right? isn't that what they say.

i trust that my actions have taught my kids lots of lessons along the way. but right now, my actions are teaching them it's ok to have limits.

the night i took this picture, we were at joshua's soccer practice. they wanted me to play football with them. i told them i would for 5 minutes. but that i needed to sit after that and read so that we could finish our day well when we got home. i knew my limits.

so we played. we laughed our heads off. sawyer pouted because lincoln scored an amazing touchdown. i reminded him how no one likes to play with a sore loser. his smile came right back. then i read, and they played.

and you know what? they were totally fine. they weren't devastated that i had limits that evening. their lives weren't worse off. and, at the end of the day, i was glad that i had made that choice. i didn't regret it. it was intentional and good.

i spent a lot of my life having no limits. it's still my default. and i know when i'm operating there because my insides start to whir and i can't hear God's voice.

when i'm operating inside my limits, i don't let my life get so busy that i can't hear His whispers.  and the peace and joy i'm finding here are beautiful.

actually, maybe living "inside my limits" is the same thing as "inside His will?"


Ali said...

love this, wise friend

Mandy said...

This is amazing. Definitely resonates with my heart. I love how you said "my insides start to whir". Yes!