Wednesday, October 21, 2015


when we asked joshua what sport he wanted to play this fall, he said SOCCER.
he hasn't played soccer. ever (i think??) maybe when he was like 4 years old?!?

i remember after his first week of practice, he said, "i'm not sure i want to play soccer again."
during the conversation, it was clear that he wasn't feeling confident. he could tell he didn't KNOW all there was to know.

i encouraged him that was ok. that it was new to him. how could you KNOW a sport in one week? give it time.
now he loves it. and we love watching him! he's one of the better players on the team (had a "hat trick" last week!) and just might play again next fall.
i love watching this kid live life. he does it with such ease. with so much peace. and always a smile on his face.

his transition to middle school has been so good. and i'm not taking that for granted with the stark contrast of some of his siblings adjustments :/

just being in the presence of his peaceful spirit calms my often anxious spirit. it's been that way since the DAY he was born. i'm amazed, 11 years later, that he continues to bless me in this way.


Ali said...

Owen would love to see his hat tricks ;) Now they have another sport to play together!

Barbara Cassada said...

I agree, Courtney! Joshua has the best disposition!! I know that all of his teachers love him, just like his family does!!!
Joshua is such a blessing!! We ate thrilled that he really likes soccer!!!