Wednesday, September 9, 2015

the rest of heaven...i mean, the BEACH!

these pictures are making me so sad. i want to go back!!

{although it's 93 degrees outside right now, so i can't complain that it doesn't FEEL like the beach :-)}
 the rest of these are in no particular order. but they give a feel for our week. and the joy that it was.

i love this kid. {and he doesn't love pictures. but he loves his mom and will oblige when she begs ;-)}
 avery's birthday donut party!
 it rained one afternoon for a couple hours. and then THIS!
 rebekah and i spent the rainy afternoon in the hot tub. see the rainbow behind our heads?? it was a sweet, sweet memory!

 the water was SO green and gorgeous for most of the week. i have about 200 pictures of it...

 rebekah was pretty nervous about getting in the water (sharks...) but she did some!

 this is what our pool looked like around lunchtime...and right before dinner. the noise that goes with that picture is pretty amazing ;-)
it was SUCH a great week. i think, possibly, our best ever (stress-wise). it's helping that the kids are getting older. we are so very thankful for these friends and their love for us!


Alden and Dorian said...

I just love that you have this tradition EVERY year ~ at the beach with dear friends. It looked AMAZING. I so enjoyed seeing through your eyes the special days you had.

Courtney said...

love love love this. so happy y'all have each other. what a blessing

Megan said...

Oh, I'm having to stop now. Outer Banks pictures would really make me cry. First year of my life since I think I was a toddler not to spend some time there. :-(