Thursday, September 10, 2015

rebekah's 14!

rebekah's birthday was on the first day of school. so she wanted to have her birthday dinner the night before, since we knew it would be crazy that first night. we went to a park and grilled over charcoal. then we played capture the flag and football. all her requests. she's a pretty cool 14 year old!
her actual birthday brought some craziness...high school and boys and fainting at cross country practice were all indicators that we have entered a new stage. full force. she's so patient with us as we figure out what we're doing. and we adore her and her heart for the world around her.
 happy birthday, rebekah!! it's going to be a GREAT year!


Courtney said...

ha! I was JUST wondering where boys were in the picture. was randomly wondering the other day what standards y'all are putting forth about dating. (just trying to learn from the pros far in advance!) :)

Barbara Cassada said...

We can't believe our beautiful granddaughter just turned 14!!! Where has time gone? We love you so much! !!!