Friday, September 11, 2015

how many weeks til summer?

 the first week of school is not one i want to repeat. i had told myself that i would be gentle with myself. that i wasn't going to expect too much of myself during the 3 hours levi was in school (the first time i had hours in my house without kids in 14 YEARS!) but then the bus kept being really late and it was more like 2 1/2 hours. and then things kept popping up like, these guys...that i got to watch one day for a friend (i was SO glad to! i mean! look at them!)
 i took lots of deep breaths. and did lots of motivational speaking to myself in my head. and we got through the week one hour at a time. we were tired. overwhelmed. trying to make our way. and it wasn't the prettiest. but we made it.
 soccer started for joshua and sawyer.
bailey had to wait til the 4th day of school to wear what she WANTED to wear on the 1st day. cause she had PE the first 3 days :-)
 these 3 played with things they hadn't played with in MONTHS each afternoon. it was sweet to see.
 a friend took this friday as levi and i were waiting for the bus :-)
 and this is not a flattering picture. but the emotions that go with it are worth posting. it was 9:30 friday night. WE HAD MADE IT. pat was at a baseball game with friends. rebekah was at a cross country dinner. joshua was also at a baseball game with friends. the younger 3 boys had been asleep for awhile. and bailey can't fall asleep alone. so we were sitting on the couch talking. i was equally EXHAUSTED from the week and EXHILARATED that it was behind us.

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