Friday, August 14, 2015

cross country

so. we made rebekah try out for cross country at her high school. for lots of reasons: so she could meet some kids before she started high school (we heard the team was full of "nice kids"), to keep/get her in shape for basketball (which is the sport she REALLY wants to play), and we just thought it would be good for her!

she went out for the team (against her wishes). but...she had a GREAT attitude and we praised her up and down for that. she didn't complain at all (at least to our faces ;-)). tryouts were a week long...every morning at 7 am for a week. and...she made the team!!

i took her to target that day to get a new "running outfit."
while we were in the fitting room, joshua and bailey went to the starbucks in target and bought her her favorite drink from starbucks to congratulate her. i thought that was THE sweetest!
we look forward to watching her run! this is our first high school sport and it's already quite the commitment...


janet said...

Oh can I relate to this! I have 2 in XC (one Sophomore and one Junior) - and while it is a huge commitment (summer is not 'off' - they have runs all thru the year), and its a busy season for sure, BUT the people ARE great! Hope she enjoys it and begins to love it!

Barbara Cassada said...

The coach is going to love having Rebekah on her Cross Country team!