Wednesday, July 22, 2015

myrtle beach, days 3-10 :-)

joshua {he reads my blog now!} asked if i was going to post days #2-10, by day. ha! i can't. i just can't. i did love that he was hoping for it.

the above picture was what the house was like most mornings from 8-10 am or so. games, breakfast, baby holding, getting ready to get to the beach, wimbledon watching. it was busy and loud and i loved it.

john is an AMAZING uncle to my kids, too. we love him so much!

one day (monday, i think?) pat and phill took joshua and andrea and went deep sea fishing. they had a blast.
ellie made it to the beach one afternoon :-)
these 2 girls are so precious to my heart!
when you're on vacation with grandma, you might have 5 kinds of oreo's to choose from :-)
my dad and levi jumping over the waves...and lots of boogie boards!

there aren't many things that will make me come in out of the sun {oh, how i LOVE the sun beating on me!} but the chance to hold this sweet girl will do it EVERYtime!
we kidnapped my mom one afternoon and went on a girl adventure to a cute little shop! it was so fun!

i don't even remember what they were eating. but i know it was fun and they were in heaven.
i went for quite a few runs throughout the week. and i loved that. so much.
i did a little photo shoot with ellie. sawyer had to come "say hi" at one point.

we really, really had such an amazing time! we all miss vacation!


Courtney said...

oh my word. i already love lemon oreos, but lime & graham?! I didn't even know they exist!! I have to find them! :)

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