Wednesday, June 17, 2015

joshua graduates from elementary school!

there was (of course!) a ceremony. {there was a ceremony for EVERY grade at our elementary school this past week...} it's a little much, if you ask me. but the 5th grade one was a big deal.

the 1st grade sung to the 5th graders. {so sawyer was up there} it was pretty cute.
they had 2 carnations under each 5th graders seat. they were instructed to go give their 2 flowers to anyone in the room. joshua gave me one :-)
he's done so well in elementary school. and i'm excited to see what middle school brings for him. it's a huge adjustment. but he is ready.
i chose not to force him to pose in any pictures with his teacher...or principal...or me. i let him just enjoy his day :-) {he HATES pictures.}
i'm super proud of who he is. and am thankful he's my son.

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Barbara Cassada said...

Joshua, we are so proud of you! Like elementary school, all of your middle school teachers are going to LOVE YOU! You are such a wonderful role model! LOVE YOU! Congratulations, Joshua!