Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a break from swim team

we've done swim team for YEARS...since rebekah was 5! i LOVE swim team. it's such good exercise. the kids have fun. it's right in our neighborhood. we get to see friends every day...both the kids AND me! but we are taking a break from it this summer. i can give lots of reasons "why"...but the main one is that God told me to take the break. it was a crystal clear word from Him and i was not super happy about it. i was actually a bit mad. i LOVE swim team. but i chose to obey.
so far, it's been totally fine. the kids aren't missing it. it HAS taken away a ton of stress and schedules to our daily summer lives. and it gives us more time for some other things that i believe are what we are "supposed" to be doing this summer.

i don't know if we'll do swim team next year (i kinda hope so!) but we are enjoying the break this year {and every time we go to the pool for fun, i make the kids swim a few laps each hour...i don't want them to lose that skill! i join them and do my own laps, too ;-)}

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Courtney said...

your obedience is inspiring.
and i get it. we are at a "low key" pool, but swim team still takes time & commitment. my friends at other pools nearby barely even enjoy the pool just for fun because they are always there otherwise for swim team. (not saying that's your situation, but you know...)
all that to say...good for you! and good for your family!
hope the summer is awesome so far!