Friday, May 15, 2015

we love baseball!

our saturdays are baseball games from 9 am -2 pm or so.
and i LOVE it.
i can't believe how much i love it.

joshua's level is just plain FUN to watch because it's REAL baseball. most of the kids can HIT the ball. and they make PLAYS. and joshua PITCHES. and it's so exciting for me to watch (i learn to love something new every year. sometimes it's brussel sprouts. sometimes it's baseball ;-))

and pat is coaching sawyer and lincoln's team. and that is fun to watch because they are so CUTE in those uniforms! and sometimes a kid runs the wrong way around the bases. and pat is the hottest coach out there.

they don't keep score. but you can BET my boys do! it's serious stuff!

after game wrap up. it takes an amazing amount of patience to coach 5-6 year olds in baseball. oh, and joshua usually gets to be 3rd base coach, which he thinks it pretty special.
so, now you know where we'll be tomorrow ;-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

We LOVE coming to as many of their games as possible!