Thursday, May 21, 2015

taking the time

it was in the midst of the afternoon craziness...homework, chores, dinner. and a bunch of women were coming over in a few hours to pray together. i "needed" my house to be clean and all the things checked off and, at the very least, a working bathroom for them to use!

cue the toilet breaking.

i took a deep breath. called joshua up from the basement where he was playing. and decided to take the time {that i didn't think i had on paper, but trusted that He would create} to have joshua help me fix the toilet.

the piece that goes from the handle where you flush it to the chain attached to the flapper had broken. snapped in half.

off we went to home depot. found the part. figured out the tools we'd need. and fixed that sucker.

we fixed it enough for that night. and it took twice as long with joshua helping as it would have if i had just done it. but i want my kids to learn things like that. and how are they going to learn unless i teach them and let them do it themselves??

pat did have to tighten it some more the next day and adjust it a little for it to be truly fixed (i had NO idea what i was doing!) but joshua and i fixed it enough for that night when we were having company over. and we are still talking about it 2 weeks had some humorous moments ;-)

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Katy said...

This is awesome. I need to do better at this.