Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mothers day 2015

 i love being a mom and am so thankful that God chose me to have this job.

but mothers day is a tricky day for me. first, i have to decide if it's going to be about ME or THEM. if it's about "me"...then i just want to be alone and sleep or read or do something i love. if it's about "them"...then we all do something together that's special for all of us. this year is was about them.

second, i just feel the pain of SO MANY that day. mothers day is a beautiful day all the way around for me...i have a great mom, and i am blessed to be able to be a mom. but that's not true for so many many have hurt from their moms, or want to be moms, or never knew their moms, or struggle with being a mom. and i feel that pain and almost feel guilty for the day being so sweet for myself.

but...this mothers day, pat was given tickets to the Nationals game that day. so we all went!

sawyer getting his face painted by a new friend :-)

sawyer asked pat how to score the game (there's a score thing in the program that they give you.) so pat spent quite a bit of time showing him.
 sawyer picked it up pretty quickly and really enjoyed doing it!
 it's serious business ;-)
 it really was a fun day.
 at the end of the game, the kids could go down and run the bases. our crew was SO excited to do that!

 i can't believe how much baseball is a part of our family. and how much i love it!


Alden and Dorian said...

SUCH a fun day for you all! LOVE that you enjoyed it. You are an amazing mom Courtney ~ your kids are blessed to have you in their lives.

Barbara Cassada said...

Courtney, you are a wonderful mother to our grandkids and we thank you! Love the photo of you and your precious children God blessed you with!